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Apple Fanboy blogs

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I read Technology news. I do not want to read biased coverage.

A list of Apple fanboy blogs – John Grubber – MG Siegler – MG Siegler – Dan Frommer


On Glass-Steagall

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After reading the following quote I am quite pessimistic about the current regulation efforts. From Rolfe-Winkler:

Glass-Steagall, for example, was a great piece of legislation that protected us from the worst excesses of banking. But it took a Depression to deliver it.

Yet-unGroked Post – I

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Inspired by Random Things

  • Viability of Pacifism: “those who ‘abjure’ violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf“. However, this is because I think humans have continuously been inflicting violence against each other since history has been recorded. Is this instinct of inflicting violence a basic part of human nature? The reasoning (Religion, Honour, Just, Good vs. Evil, etc.) provided for these actions are hypocritical to be considered seriously (Orwell calls this  “Indifference to Reality”). If it can be shown that such instincts is inescapable (through maybe studies of primates, etc. ), then I will have to accept Pacifism is untenable.
  • Self-esteem vs. Nationalism: How can we strike a balance between the amount of history of the home country can be taught so that a child feels important but yet does not end up as a nationalist? Should we just have “I am unique but still Not-Special” sessions? I feel this is important in more ways than is obvious. If a child is taught to compare between cultures and see that there is nothing “special” about one’s own background, maybe hero worship will also decrease. This will lead people to see what qualities made success out of people and they can then try and emulate it.

Hello world!

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